Signals list

The page displays all the signals availabe on the platform. For each signal its state is shown, with its description and its token, the associated device and its token, the last value received, the last connection date, a series of labels and a star for the addition/removal from favorites.

Initially the list will be empty, you can add a new signal to a the device by clicking on the button Add Signal.

Signals list

The signals administrated or created by the user are distinguished by a dull state indicator, while the read only ones have a transparent indicator. If a signal is validated but its log is disabled, there will be the pause symbol ❚❚ on its state indicator.

The virtual signals have the symbol  next to their description.

Research of a signal

Once created, the signal will be displayed in the list of signals labeled with Creator. It is possible to search for a particular signal using the dedicated search bar at the top of the page. The search is performed on signals descriptions, their associated devices and their labels.  It is also possible to reverse a filter by clicking the corresponding tag in the search bar, the tag will be colored of grey and the condition will negate.

Filters in the search bar are stored for the current session. Moving in other pages of the site and coming back, the filter is still applied.

Signals list with signal

The list of devices is also sortable. The fields "State", "Description and token", "Device", "Last value", "Last comm" and the favorites star in the header of table are clickable, and allow the ascending/descending order of all the items. The default sort order is ascending alphabetical, with favorites devices shown at the beginning of the list.

Edit the list

By clicking on the button Edit signals you can access the edit view where it is possible to hide/show, delete or share more signals together.

It is also possible to add or remove tags to more signals at time, it is enough to filter the list and add the tag or select the tag to remove in the list header. Tags will be updated only in signals with Administrator or Creator permissions.

Once all the options are chosen, by clicking on Apply changes, a modal will show to actually confirm the changes.

Modifica lista segnali

Fast validation

Through the edit view it is possible to access the fast validation of the signals. It is enough to click on a signal with the To validate state and a modal will open. Insert all the required fields to activate the signal then proceed by clicking the Save button.

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