Signal detail (widget)

The widget shows the last received values of user-selected signal. The most recent value is displayed in the center of the widget while below, in smaller size, up to 5 previous values are displayed. Moving your cursor over the data, the corresponding date is displayed.

Last values visualization can be disabled in the edit modal of the widget where the displayed data and reference date can also be chosen (for example, Hourly Average shows the last availabe hourly average and its previous values).

The Custom avg option allows to select the reference date range and the type of source data (All values, hourly averages, daily averages, weekly averages, monthly averages), the value represents the average of the signal in the selected period calculated with the selected type of data.

If the displayed data is note set to Last value, it i possible to choose whether to show the maximum, the minimum and the deviation from the average of the selected period.

It is also possible to view the absolute value of a signal (if of counter type) and, if the corresponding device is correctly configured, the send commands interface.

If the user has set the values substitution, the substituted value will be displayed next to the actual value. In digital and enumeration signals the substitution will be emphasized.

If the substitution is active, the color of the widget updates according to the color set in the substitution. From the edit modal it is also possible to visualize a light next to the value to highlight the substitution status or to hide the substitution, to show only the real value.

Bit substitution allows to specify another signal and check the value of one of its bits therefore choose a color to display on source signal depending the result of the condition

  • To be used when a signal detail widget color should depend on a specific bit of an alarm word/dword. Requested parameters are: the signal containing the alarm word, the number of bit to check (from 0 to 31) and ON/OFF colors. If the specified bit value is 1 ON color will be shown, OFF otherwise;

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