Personal dashboard

Once logged into Databoom you will see your personal page, the dashboard.

From here you can access all the site features and also add widgets to the page, so you can have a preview on the collected data.

At the top right are the icon to log out, a question mark to reach the support, a bell to alert the user the presence or absence of active alarms and a globe to change the language.


Every dashboard reloads every 15 minutes, it is possible to reload a widget in every moment by clicking the apposite button in its header.

To grant a faster access, dasbhoards implement the lazy loading functionality: widgets are loaded only when they appear in the window.

Adding a dashboard

The user, depending on the Databoom package chosen while subscribing, will have different numbers of available dashboards. To add a new dashboard, it is enough to click the "+" symbol in the left menu. It will then be possible to name the dashboard right there in the menu or, once it has been created, by clicking on its title.

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