Personal Profile and API key

In your profile you can view all your personal information and your account, as well as the preferences for the website and the list of invoices.

To edit the fields, click on the edit button in the top right corner of the screen.


Personal info

The personal info pane displays the name, surname, mail, username and user's API key. The mail is used by Databoom to communicate with the user, while the username is used, in place of the mail, to access the site.

Telegram username is necessary if you want to use the dedicated Telegram bot to consult your signals.

The User namespace is required to set up some devices, in particular it is used for devices templates.

The API key is required to access the APIs and to configure your own devices to communicate with Databoom. Copy the full value or the desired portions with the corresponding buttons.

Company info

The company information is required for the billing in case you subscribed to one of the Databoom packages, or to purchase extensions to your plan.
The fields available are:

  • Company, ;
  • Account description, the name of your company;
  • Billing mail, the address to which the invoices will be forwarded;
  • VAT identification number, the company VAT identification number;
  • Telephone/Cellphone, company contacts;
  • Address/City/State/Zip Code/Country, fields to entry the full address of your company.

User's preferences

The user's preference section allows you to customize the visualization of Databoom with the specified options.

The customizable fields are:

  • Language, domain administrator can customize available languages choiches. Depending on user's choiche the proper translations are shown;
  • Currency, user's favourite currency;
  • Numbers format, decimals and thousands separator to be used in the representation of numbers;
  • Decimal digits, the number of decimal digits to be used in the representation of numbers (the option in single signal has priority);
  • Date/time format, the format used to display dates and times;
  • Hours difference, the offset used to store signals data, by setting a preference, it will be used as default while creating new devices. You can choose among:
    • Hours, fixed hours difference from UTC, it isn't afflicted by daylight saving time;
    • Timezone, variable difference according to the timezone, it varies with daylight saving time;
  • Displayed timezone, the timezone used to display the signals charts of the device, by setting a preference, it will be used as default while creating new devices and graph widgets;
  • Elements per page, the number of elements to show per page in the lists;
  • Days of shared history, the number of days of history that is shared with a signal as default.  

Databoom package

Depending on the package chosen while signin in Databoom, the user will have different amounts of quotes available. The quotes indicate how many objects (dashboards, widgets, devices, ...) are available to the user.

In order to increase the number of quotes, you need to upgrade your plan.


The table reports all the user's invoices in Databoom, with the possibility to download them.

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