Reference signal

reference signal is a particular type of signal that cane be created from the edit page of a signal with Administrator or Creator permissions. An administrator can create a reference signal, but creator permissions will go to main signal creator, that will be the only one able to delete it.

Creating a reference signal can be an useful operation when you need to compare graphs o when you need a signal as a threshold.

To create a reference signal, go to edit page of the starting signal and move to the appropriate box By filling the description field and clicking the Add button, the reference signal will be created.

A reference signal is a signal in all respects, it is created as hidden as default but it is possible to visualize it in the Signals list by accessing the edit mode or from the device view by clicking Show hidden signal at the bottom of the signals list.

A reference signal can be visualized in the main signal detail view, reference signals are listed in the info panel under the graph.

The list of reference signals visualizes the signals with their tokens and two buttons:

  • The pencil icon opens a modal to edit/insert values of the reference signal;
  • The bin icon, only for main signal Creator, opens a modal to confirm the signal deletion (by confirming the operation, it can be canceled).

The peculiarity of reference signals is the possibility to manually add values, date and hour provided.

It is possible to add values to a reference signal from the edit page of the main signal, by clicking the edit icon next to the signal, or from its detail page, by clicking the Edit values button in the top right corner. Once a value has been added, it can be visualized in the signal chart.

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