Devices map (widget)

Devices map widget allows to show one or more devices on a map (Leaflet).

Device markers have blue background as default, while they turn to red when there's an active alarm for the corresponding device.

By clicking on a marker, a box with basic info is shown. A link to open the device details page is also present.

In case of too many devices in a single place, a special marker is shown, grouping all the devices below. In this case the marker is blue if none of the grouped devices has active alarms, red on the contrary. By clicking the clusterized marker, all the devices are shown individually.

By clicking the gear icon in the marker info box, it is possible to specify up to six device signals to show directly on the map and a dashboard, to show a link next to the device one.

If a signal is linked to a polygon, it will be displayed if the signal is set as favorite.

From the edit window it is possible to:

  • edit widget description
  • select the displayed data for device signals
  • set favorite signals visualization (favorite signals can be selected in marker edit menu) and their eventual value substitutions
  • choose map type among Map or Satellite

  • add devices to the map, or remove the devices already present.

In the widget footer the number of devices on the map is shown, next to a button to move over the next marker and a button to view all the devices on the map. The two icons on the right allow to choose the type of the map among map and satellite.

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    Irshad Hashim

    Is there an option to show the travel path of device if it is moving?

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