How to configure SIGFOX devices for Databoom

Before starting...

Before starting to communicate with Sigfox, it is required to create a device in Databoom and edit its token. In order the transmission to be succesful the device token must correspond to the Sigfox device ID.

To forward data from Sigfox to Databoom, you need to add several callbacks to the type of device in the back-end. The callbacks are linked to the type of device, all the devices of that type will call the associated callback.



Data Callback

Data callback sends data from Sigfox to the corresponding device in Databoom. The fields must be filled as in the picture, in particular:

  • Headers, the value must be a valid OAuth token created in Databoom;
  • Body, forwarded fields, if numeric, are stored as signals in the device. data fields is the payload, it may vary from device to device. The field devicetype is used by Databoom to recognize the type and therefore decode data field. If the format is set correctly, matching the device type, it can be used to forward other signals.

Other callbacks are structured like data callback. In the following images, the correct setting is shown.



Service Repeater Callback



Service Geo Location Callback

It forwards the device location. More stations are used to locate the device, coordinates values are far more precise than the other callbacks.



Service Status Callback



Service Acknowledge Callback



Error Callback

When it is callback, an alarm is generated in Databoom.

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