How can I provide Databoom to my customers?

There are two possible approaches to use Databoom platform with your customers.

With a PREMIUM account, it is possible to do an ad-hoc customization of the site, by setting interface colors and the main logo. A customized domain is provided, of the type where your customers should log in. From the PREMIUM account is then possible to view a list of the users signed in your domain, manage their profiles (activation, password edit) or add new ones. Customers signed in customized domain can also access to standard Databoom site, but not to the other user's customized versions (if not explicitly agreed).

If the customized site is not needed, the other approach is to make your customers to sign in Databoom site as STANDARD users. This way, their profiles can't be directly managed, but it is always possible to share data with them through sharing functionalities. 

Databoom STANDARD plan icludes 5 devices, while with a PREMIUM account it is possible to manage up to 50 devices and eventually transfer your quotes to your domain users.

If your customers, in turn, have customers to provide Databoom to, there are two ways to proceed. As example, let's consider two fake companies IoTCloud and NovaIoT, the second customer of the first one:

  • NovaIoT wants to provide Databoom to its customers using IoTCloud portal. The users sign in IoTCloud company customized portal, Users management is reserved to IoTCloud, while NovaIoT is a user of the portal same as its customers, eventually with different permissions chosen by IoTCloud
  • NovaIoT wants to provide Databoom to its customers, but doesn't want them to be visible to IoTCloud.
    • NovaIoT makes its users to sign in as Databoom standard users, it can't manage them directly, but it can share data with them through platform sharing functionalities; 
    • NovaIoT decides to upgrade its profile to PREMIUM and make a customized portal itself, customers can sign in the customized portal and NovaIoT can manage its customers list, who will be "transparent" to IoTCloud. NovaIoT will be able to acces to Databoom standard site and customized portal as a normal user, while it will be administrator of


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