Release 3.2.5 (06/30/2017)

In the 3.2.5 release the following improvements were introduced: 

  • Bar chart widget, added view grid, scaling and labels in columns options;

  • Timezone options, default value set to "Europe/Rome", option added to graph widget (it is not inherited from the device of the first signal present anymore), it is initialized with the preference in user's profile;
  • Widget with granularity/range options, click on footer opens edit menu, with granularity/range fields in relief;

  • Rules hysteresis, hysteresis fields are only enabled if there are not devices in the rule, hysteresis is settable only on signals;
  • Pagination, added the 100 items per page option;
  • Rules mails, added the possibility to specify subject of the email sent automatically when a rule verifies;
  • Alarms list, added the possibility to hide alarms from the list (likewise devices and signals);

  • Rules list, added the possibility to delete and hide rules from the list (likewise devices and signals);

  • Rules list, added buttons to activate/deactivate all the visible rules together;
  • Various minor fixes to improve existing functionalities.
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