Manage users (PRESTIGE)

A Databoom PRESTIGE user can manage the users of his subdomain.

By clicking the  Create subdomain user it is possible possibile to add a user to the subdomain, the required fields are:

    • Username;
    • User type, if the subdomain has more user types, is possible to choose among them;
    • First name;
    • Last name;
    • Email address;
    • Password.

The list shows all the subdomain users, with the list of the possible actions:

  • Read only/Full access, to edit the user's visualization. In read-only mode it is possible to view only the dashboards while with full access all the elements are available;
  • Activate/deactivate users, Databoom access is blocked to the user. To enable the user, an administrator intervention is required;
  • Logout, to stop all the user's active sessions;
  • Delete, the user is deleted from the platform;
  • Password, to assign a new password to the user.

By clicking on a user in the list it is possible to access his details page.

In addition to the actions displayed in the list, that are shown as button at the top of the page, it is possible to edit user type and to enable him to create other users.

An user enabled to users creation will be able to access Manage users page in settings menu where he will be able to manage his own users set. To enable the option you need to specify a label that will be used to identify created users.  The user can see only users created by him while the domain administrator will always be able to see and manage the full users list.

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