FTP Client

A FTP client device lets the user to transfer files in Databoom cloud  from an external FTP server and, if their format is supported, to process them in order to import signals. 

Configuration parameters of the FTP client, needet to connect to your FTP server, must be inserted in the proper panel in its creation page or in its edit page, once it has been created. The required fields are: 

  • FTP host, the address of the FTP host;
  • FTP port, the port of the FTP host;
  • FTP username, the username to access the FTP host;
  • FTP password, the password to access the FTP host,
  • FTP remote folder, the full path of the directory starting from the access point of the host;
  • OAuth token, the token created in Databoom to communicate with the device.


Supported files formats?

Contact us to know if your files are supported for signals import or to make them compatible.

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